New Beginnings 2019

Some photos from the workshop. I've been making up all the parts I need for the next batch of guitars plus a few other ideas for future guitars.

Soundboards, backs, sides and necks

The main components for 4 instruments. 1 European spruce top and 3 cedar tops.

Rosewood of varying species.

Backs waiting to be thicknessed of varying species within the Dalbergia Genus. (All purchased pre CITES) spruceana, retusa and latifoilia all present. Enquire for others.

7 Necks

Neck with headstocks carved, drilled and slotted, some with centre strips set to tie in with their respective backs. All with ebony plates. I have a few different woods to make up the centre strips including black palm, flamed sycamore, quilted Brazilian cedar and ebony. More on this later.

Here's a short slide show of general construction photos that got me to this stage.

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