...a little about construction

I almost exclusively use glues derived from animal hide or fish skin. Glue derived from animal hide is thought to stretch back at least as far as the Egyptians, possibly further. There is evidence in the furniture and craftwork that have survived into the modern day and from stone carvings that depict the glues use found within Egyptian tombs and architecture. It's use has been varied and wide spread throughout the world and while modern glues have superceded it to some degree it remains the glue of choice for many trades and crafts, antique and period furniture making and restoration as well as the primary glue for fine musical instrument making and repair and restoration.

There is something quite unique in the use of hide glue and the key to using it successfully is heat. I have a large barrel stove in the workshop and I use it to raise the temperature so I have more certainty of success.  Many of the jigs I use are just simple stick and wedge systems using string to bind the pieces being glued and wedges to apply the tension required to make a good join. I use many little tricks to gently heat the surfaces  being glued, either just before applying the glue or just after. For me the techniques that have been built up around this ancient glue demand a different way of looking at the work, there has to be a more holistic approach that brings all the individual component parts together into one fine instrument.

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