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2024 La Gitana ES

Continuing with the series of guitars using less conventional woods I am happy to present the first in the flamenco series: La Gitana. Keeping as close to tradition as I can I have selected European spruce for the top, this spruce is the usual timber employed in the manufacture of flamenco guitars. For the back and sides I have chosen English yew replacing the more usual selection of cypress. Like cypress yew is a softwood which is a relatively unique choice for back and sides, the norm being to use a hardwood such as rosewood. Yew is an interesting timber, it is the densest of the softwoods and displays a characterful grain and a beautiful golden colour, perfect in many ways for the guitar and very much in-keeping with the flamenco. The sound is rich and raspy with beautiful colour and punchy attack.

Soundboard - European Spruce

Back & Sides - English Yew w/Amazon Rosewood

Neck - Spanish Cedar

Fingerboard - Indian Ebony

Head Plate - Indian Ebony 

Bindings - Amazon Rosewood

Rosette - Triangles

Tuners - Waverly/Sloane

Finish -Shellac

Case - Hiscox Pro II


Price includes international shipping. 

Payment accepted in UK£, US$, Euro€ and Bitcoin.

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