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This Jazz Classical is now for sale! It is, I suppose 2nd hand but has in actual fact never yet been sold. I made it in 2016 and it began life with the guitarist Dave Keary from Van Morrison. It was only on loan and was used in the recording studio around that time, since it's return to me I have kept it as my own instrument but can't quite justify keeping it as it only ever gets occasional playing.

The soundboard is very old sitka spruce and the back and sides are very rare and beautifully figured pau ferro sometimes referred to as santos rosewood. It is worth bearing in mind this is not a true rosewood.

The guitar is fretted with Evo Gold fret wire for an added aesthetic, fitted with a K&K Pure Classical pick up system and comes with a K&K external pre-amp which to my ear offers the best amplified nylon sound out there. This guitar is a lot of fun to play!

Fitted with Waverly tuners it is finished with tung oil. It comes with a Hiscox Pro II case.

Price £5000. (free worldwide shipping)                                                 Ian Watt playing this guitar

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