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Updated: Jan 8, 2022

Rosettes on guitars under construction, (Nov 2021).

The two spruce both have a black and white themed rosette. One with the spinning motif and the other a simple block design. the woods used in these two rosettes include ebony and sycamore Indian rosewood and bloodwood. The "Sun" rosette in the foreground came about from looking at old designs of compasses, I didn't quite achieve that design here but I'm happy with the results. The woods include box, ebony and South American rosewood.

Rosettes for up coming guitars

Continuing with the compass as inspiration...

This rosette has a centre tile of alternating maple and mahogany triangles with a background of Honduran rosewood, the inner and outer bands are made up of a maple triangle with various background woods.

Different sizes of triangle in the centre tile; small triangles in the edge banding

The Spinning Motif

The spinning motif is an ancient geometric pattern often seen in architecture from stone work, wrought iron gates and stained glass windows to Django's radiogram...

Django's radiogram

Spinning motif in alternating bloodwood and cedar. The bloodwood has sycamore centres and the cedar has bloodwood centres, the chain pattern on the inside and out is cog like and balances out the design beautifully.

The motif is used again here but with a repeating reflective pattern seperated with a panelled column in the centre of each tile.

Ebony and bloodwood with sycamore.

Something I'm working on.


My bench after a day making rosettes


Tall triangles separated with a column

Triangles and rope patterns

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