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I am excited to announce that my guitars are now available with Rodgers tuners.

Rodgers tuners are simply exquisite! Considered the best in the world by many and used on the finest guitars in the world today their reputation is second to none The plate engraving is based on my rosette design and is exclusive to my guitars making the final instrument truly unique.


Waverly/Sloane tuners are the tuners I have used most on my guitars. Imported from the USA they offer fantastic value and quality and are an elegant and beautifully engineered. product adding finesse and style at an affordable price.


As a basic level tuner Rubner offer fantastic value for money and are used by many well respected luthiers. Rubner Tuners come in many different designs. This set comes as standard on my guitars. Made in Germany these are imported from the USA.

To view their full range click the following link.

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