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The Workshop Interior

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

The first thing I noticed when the workshop building was complete is the light! The clarity and lack of shadow from the roof lights is perfect, I won't need any main lighting during the day. The windows are on both the north wall giving clear direct light and on the south wall casting shards of light throughout the day. The roof lights are the key though!

This DeWalt chop saw has been invaluable in processing the timber battens. Other kit I'm using includes an old circular saw I bought in Homebase in 2002; still going strong, along with a couple of Bosch drills. I'm using KTX screws which are self drilling and the lumber is 3x2" C26 construction timber.

Here's some photos of recent developments:

15mm fireline plasterboard lining the north boundary wall.

I framed the windows using old pine shelves saved from some of the house renovations

Now, look at the light!

The low bench on the left is intended for the smaller machines, bobbin sander, router table, slotting routers and pillar drill. Humidity cabinet in the middle and layout bench in the far right with light spilling in through the window.

I've started lining the cabinet with some leftover floor insulation I had from laying flooring in the house. It will help regulate the temperature and humidity and offer padding when lifting guitars in and out of the cabinet. This is basically a larger version of what I had in the last workshop. I plan to store the timber in the lower half and guitars and components in the top with constant regulation and control of the humidity.

The old rip snorter on the inside.

Some cabinets made and installedand the beginings of a kitchen area.

Despite the GLOBAL lockdown for corona virus I managed to get the majority of my stuff moved from the old workshop. I still have some things left to move but at least I have a mostly functioning workshop.

A good time to take a stock check. In my last workshop all my wood was staored in the attic which was great as it left me more space for the practical asspects of the workshop. the downside was that is was difficult to keep track of it all. now i have it all in the one place.

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