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La Gitana

Updated: Mar 4

Towards the end of 2023 I began the construction of a Flamenco guitar "La Gitana" Carrying on the theme of alternative timbers I have chosen English yew for the back and sides. Yew is a softwood just like cypress the more traditional choice of back and side wood associated with the world of flamenco guitar. Yew is the most dense of the softwoods and has a beautiful wavey figure. I've combined the yew with rosewood as the chocolate colours work well with the warm orange and yellows in the yew.

Strings on in the wood and the sound is vibrant and quick, very resonant and easy to play with the lower flamenco action.

Ebony head plate and fingerboard giving great contrast to the lighter colours of the body and neck.

Rosewood and yew are a beautiful combination.

Spruce soundboard with triangle rosette and rosewood bridge with a tie block made up of Spanish cedar, rosewood, bloodwood and corian protective strips.

A closer look at the rosette, I've tried to keep the design "flamenco".

Curly grain of the yew is mesmerizing, now for the French polish.

The finished guitar.

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Peter Hague
Peter Hague

Beautiful guitars Michael, truly inspirational works of the art of the luthier.


Thank you Peter, I appreciate that! Hope you're well and still enjoying lutherie.

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