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The Fingerboard

Updated: Jan 9, 2022

There's not a great deal to say about the fingerboard. Made from ebony or on occasion rosewood the fingerboards are prepared for slotting and the fret slots are cut at the desired scale length, usually 650mm. Other scale lengths I use are 640, 654 and 660mm.

Ebony boards, thicknessed and squared, ready for slotting.

The next stage is to taper the board to the final dimensions of the neck; that is usually 52mm at the nut and 64mm at the 12th fret. Of course any (reasonable) dimensions are possible.

After final sizing and fitting the board is glued in place.

The clamping caul ensures the clamping pressure is spread over the whole fingerboard.

The fingerboard can now be planed for fretting.

A view of the dressed frets and the indented side dot markers.

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