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Spreading the Knowledge of Lutherie

Updated: Apr 18, 2019

I spend some of my time teaching at Clyde College in Glasgow, Scotland. The course runs over 3 years, up to HND level and covers stringed instrument construction, guitars - classical, acoustic, electric and more, mandolins, violins, ukuleles et al.

Teaching and learning are so very intertwined, there is much to be gained from the experience, a chance for me to review concepts and share ideas and experience.

More info about the course can be found here:

As I write it is mid March 2019 and the summer concert on the 4th of June at Webster's Theatre in Glasgow's West End is looming, things in the college workshop are getting serious.

Here's a snap shot of what's going on.....

Peter Hague binding his 8 string classical

Stephen MacDougall working on his top

Rosette by Alvero Seguro

Simple but effective rosette by Paul Smeaton

David Hempstead's pearl inlayed into ebony

Tiled rosette by Peter Hague

I'll add more as the weeks get closer to the concert.

For more information about The Luthier's Concert click this link

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