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Recent Work 2022

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

Some photos from the bench, May 2022.

Two walnut guitars, one American black walnut with a cedar top and the other European walnut with European spruce top.

Guitars nearing completion (April 2022)

Spruce top Sanfeliu with a raised fingerboard on the treble. The back and sides are very old European walnut and the initial results are great; some construction photos.

I'm very much working with cedar/ Realejo and spruce/Sanfeliu, and scale lengths of 650 &640mm. I've been using woods other than rosewoods including walnut; both European & American black, jarrah, Australian blackwood and some yew, claro walnut and poplar in the wings. They offer interesting aesthetic departures with the subtlety of the walnuts and the excitement of the blackwood; finishing in either French polished shellac or a fine tung oil drawing an added dimension. here's some photos of my latest creations.


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