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Bending Irons and Bending Machines

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

I recently put together a bending machine I bought about 10 years ago. I also took the opportunity to refurbish my old iron and to make myself a new one, here's how it went.

This is my trusty old Ibex bending iron, bought in 1997 it was in need of some repair. It was still working but the iron itself was loose and no tightening of the bolts seemed to help, time to take a deeper look...

Not good! The heat from the iron has burnt the mahogany block.

My first try at a new heat resistant base.

Tapping the base of this piece of Aluminium.

M8 holes drilled and tapped.

Making a template of the shape.

Thermostat attached and the cable gland in place,

Attached to a solid walnut clamping board.

Nearly done, just the internal wiring to do.

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