Fintry  Scotland

“Music is the best means we have of digesting time.”

W.H. Auden

I’d like to start 2013 by introducing the “Workshop” model! In the summer of 2012 I was joined by two fellow luthiers, Sandro Yuri from Brazil and Lucie Tuquoi from France. Both have made instruments of their own over the last years but wanted to learn the more traditional Spanish methods I use, particularly those gleaned from Granada. This was an interesting project and all three of us learned a lot.  More......

Another interesting project started last summer with a visit to the workshop from Scottish Classical Guitarist Matthew McAllister and his partner, Irish Flautist Aisling Agnew. They made a short film of their trip out to the workshop and  Matthew returned later in the year to record the first in a series of short films documenting my guitar making.

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January 2013 has seen a flying start to the new year with mainly rosette construction on the bench. Another visit to the workshop from Classical Guitarist Matthew Mcallister saw the making of a second film from him covering rosette making, click here to view the film. Also i’ve added a new set of photos on flickr of these designs, something I’ll be adding to as time goes on, I hope you like them and enjoy the film.

In March 2013 I booked the Castle Of Doom Studio with producer Tony Doogan to record three guitars. First up with his 2010 Spruce top was Matthew McAllister, then Anne Chaurand with her 2003 Cedar top and last but not least Emma Smith with her 2008 Spruce top. Video was filmed and edited by Stuart McInnes and these videos are now on the youtube channel. It was an interesting project and a real thrill to spend time with the guitars and the guitarists, I hope you enjoy them.

Towards the end of 2013 I started using a new finish, an oil finish. I love the results, a beautiful satin sheen that really suits the guitar. To find out more and to see pictures of the results follow this link, I hope to post some sound and video clips soon. Other finishes are still available but I will now be offering this finish as standard.

Last year saw collaberation with Guitarist Matthew McAllister and film maker Stuart McInnes when we started a project loosely titled “The Lake Recordings” These short films were recorded in my local church on the banks of the beautiful Lake of Menteith.

Lake Recording 1: Scottish Lute Suits

Lake Recording 2: Bach Cello Suite No.1

Lake Recording 3: An Malvina

Lake Recording 4: The Mysterious Barricades